Live Texas Hold 'Em Bonus

The very popular online game of Texas Hold 'Em Poker has been brought into the live casino games environment and is the latest is the slowly growing game portfolio of several of our live casinos, this is the casino versions where special bonus payouts are on offer.

To play this game you need to first sign up to any of the live casinos that are currently carrying this game and if you are new to playing it then do not worry as you can sign up as a guest playing and experience it completely free of charge to get a feel for whether you think it is worthy of real money action.

Should you already know all there is to know about the game of Texas Hold 'Em Poker then you will have to fund you live casino account and then once you have made your deposit (collecting any available casino bonus should you wish to do so) then you are ready to hit the tables, oh and when you launch the game why not say hi to the dealer via the live chat.

Remember to get the true feel for the live action make sure your speakers or volume is switched on and then you are ready to roll. Below we have put togther the game play rules for this live casino game which should help you get your head around them, it's a very easy game to play and in no time at all you will be playing it like an old pro!

How to play live Texas Hold 'Em Bonus

OK, so you have funded your account (unless you are playing for free) and launched the game from the menu, you will now simply need to choose the value of your chips, simply click on the chips which are positioned on the side of the game and highlight your preferred one.

The minimum and maximum stakes per game are found on the table sign positioned at the top of the game and you will have to first place what is known as an ante bet to be part of the next game, to place this wager choose your ante wager amount and click the chips on the table in the ante area.

You can also place at this point in time the bonus bet, this requires you to place a wager onto the table in the bonus box and it is this wager that offers the bonus payouts as displayed on the table.

The game is played in round where you must either bet or fold after each card has been dealt out by the dealer, should you fold your wagers made so far are losing ones and are lost and removed from the table, if you choose to be I.E. carry on then another wager need to be placed on the table, this will be placed automatically once you click the bet button.

After the last card has been dealt the hands are compared and whoever has the highest poker hand is deemed the winner, also any winning bonus bets are paid out. Check this game out maybe in free play mode to allow you to sample just how good it really is, you may get to like it a lot.

Online Casinos To Play Texas Hold em Games

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