Live Roulette

You may know the feeling, you are sat there at home playing a bit of roulette online at an online casino, and no matter which numbers you pick just never spin in, number after number spins in and yet the ones you have placed your chips on seem to magically never appear.

If this sounds oh to familiar to yourself then maybe it is about time for you to move your online roulette play from a software driven game into the real world environment, if this sounds a little to much like modern technology then fear not, lie roulette is now available to play online and once you try it you will never o back to software backed online casinos.

When you decide you wish to play at a live casino which offers live roulette many thoughts will pop into your head, is there a huge download of specialist software required, or will my PC and internet connection be able to handle playing it.

Well we have some good news, when you play live roulette online you require no massive software downloads, as long as your computer has got Java loaded (which the majority of them do) then you are good to go, however if your computer doesn't then you will be simply prompted when you launch the live roulette game and the platform will load quickly, and as you are streaming live video content then as long as your computer handles sites such as You Tube OK then you will be fine playing live roulette online.

Live Roulette Online

To begin playing live roulette online you simply need to select one of our featured live casinos, then register as either a guest play, by playing as a guest you will get to play for free with no risk to your own funds, and this will allow you to see how things work inside the live casino.

Should on the other hand you feel that playing live roulette for real money is right up your street then simply register as a new real player and choose how you wish to fund your live casino account, there are many deposit optionsavailable from credit and debit cards to a range of e-wallet type accounts.

Once you have opened either a real or guest account and funded your casino account if you have chosen to play for real money then simply select the live roulette game from the game menu and the game will launch in seconds.

Then you will simply need to choose how much you wish each chip to be valued at, simply point and click at the chip value setting you wish to play roulette at and then point and click to place your chip or chips onto the roulette layout, make sure you do this speedily as once no more bets is called no further wagers can be made on the live roulette table.

Then simply sit back and watch the croupier spin the roulette ball and watch as the wheel spins around the rim of the wheel and finally comes to land in one of the number wells, once the ball has come to a complete stop then all winning bets are paid out and losing ones are removed from the table.

Don't forget that by playing live roulette for real money then you will qualify for some value for money bonuses, simply visit any of our live casinos websites where you will find full details on each bonus, oh and make sure you read through the terms and conditions attached to each and every casino bonus you take.

Best Roulette Casinos

Casino Classic - A very warm welcome awaits at this live casino which is actually broadcast live from a land based casino over in Ireland.

Golden Tiger Casino - TV Channel hoppers who have been flicking from channel to channel late at night will no doubt have seen or at least come across this fun to play at live television and internet casino before.

Zodiac Casino - If you want great bonuses, fast payouts and some of the fairest live casino games around with very liberal game play rules then this is without a doubt the site for you, checkout their website for their current crop of casino bonuses and offers.

Luxury Casino - Another brilliantly themed, owned and operated online casino that features a range of state of the art live casino games is this one.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino - This live casino can be found via the web and is brought to you by one of the biggest and most well known land based gambling companies, checkout their website to find what other gambling opportunities they offer, the list is almost endless!