Live Keno

Keno is one of the more relaxed casino games you can play, often found in the back or quieter sections of a casino the Keno lounge is full of comfy armchairs and offers a great escape from the busy main casino floor.

Live Keno is a simple game to play and further down this article we will show you just how easy it is to play and how you go about playing live keno online, and in no time at all you could be playing free with no risk to your own funds or sitting down to play for real money and by doing so you stand a chance of walking away with some truly massive jackpots.

If you wish to play Keno in the online environment then there are a few things you will need to do, the firs is to visit any of our live casinos that are fully listed and reviewed for you on our website and then simply sign up as a new real money or guest player.

Once you have signed up then simply log into your chosen casino and sit down to play live keno. Plus make sure you first check out what each of our live casinos are offering by way of new player bonuses, for when you make your very first deposit the casino will often double this amount at least as a way of welcoming you to their live casino and therefore you will start playing live keno with a bigger starting balance!

Live Keno is simple to play

If you are completely new to the game of live keno then it is very simple and easy to master, the game works very simply, and you will notice a large keno ball drum, this si where the keno balls are drawn from and your task is try to predict which numbers are going to get drawn out of this drum.

The number of balls in the drum is usually 80 in number and the draw when it takes place will pull of 20 of these numbered balls, be award very occasionally the number of balls in the drum and numbered balls draws may change from casino to casino so make sure you know how many are in play and how many will be drawn before you start to play live keno.

Now you first need to choose how many numbers you would like to predict, then simply mark off these numbers on the keno card or keno ticket, then you next have to decide how much you wish to wager on the outcome of the next draw.

Once you have marked your live keno card and placed your wager then you simply have to wait for the next draw to take place, and when it does the keno caller will announce the number of each ball drawn out of the live keno drum.

If you are playing live keno online then do not worry about having to keep track of each number drawn as your live keno ticket will automatically be checked for you by the casino software and if after the last number has been drawn and you have a winning ticket you are instantly credited your winnings to your live casino account.

Be aware that the higher amount of numbers you predict to be drawn from the keno machine will increase your payouts, however the more numbers you will will dramatically decrease your chances of winning but conversely the payout odds are much better and a huge winning potential is on offer even for relatively modest stake levels.

Live Casino Gambling Sites

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Luxury Casino - With more players than most other live casinos this venue is doing something right, and that is probably their great games, fast payouts and special VIP live casino bonuses.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino - As one of the worlds largest gambling companies this live casino compliments all their other online and offline operations, you won't find a better run organization that this one!