Live Casinos and their Dealers

Amazingly when online casinos really began to take off and their popularity began to hit the takings and profit margins of land based casinos,, several operators of these land based gaming venues commented that online casinos would eventually cost a lot of casino dealers jobs and lead to many casinos having to close up shop as they simply couldn't compete.

This was due to online casinos requiring no dealers at all, the player would simply download an online casino gambling platform onto their PC and then play any chosen casino game against the software, which was powered by a random number generator thus doing away with the need for human beings!

Well this prediction did for a short time come true, however thanks to huge increase in popularity of live online casinos, all those dealers who were laid off may get a chance to return to action as now they are in demand thanks to this brand new way of playing at an online casino.

The logic behind a live online casino is simple, many players do not trust random number generators or for that fact online casino software and by allowing players to sit down and lay card and table games against a real live dealer then they will tend to be much more trusting of this way of playing as opposed to a standard online casino platform or product

Live Casino Dealers in action

The way a live casino works is relatively straight forward, basically you log into the casino and then get to watch the live dealers in action from a live video feed which is broadcast instantly and completely live from the casino where the live casino is based.

The camera never lies as they say and you will be able to keep a close track of all of the cards being dealt, shuffled and discarded once the hand is over, in the case of roulette you will always be able to monitor the progress of the ball as it spins and lands on the roulette wheel.

You can see the dealers live, if they sneeze you will see and hear it, if they scratch their bottom then you will see that also! But the best part of live dealers is the fact that you can talk and fully interact with them via the chat room that is open as you play.

So if the live dealer is a lucky one for you then keep them on side by saying a few nice words, if they are the dealer from hell, well maybe best not you abuse them! Simply play at another live casino table! You can also chat with and too other players to give the live casino a true community feel.

All the live dealers you will play against online are fully trained in their profession and as the live video feed is broadcast from some of the biggest land based casinos you know you are in safe, fair and honest hands when ever you choose to play.

If playing against a live dealer is something you wish to try then simply select any of the live casinos which we have listed around our website, we have also fully reviewed each one so as to allow you to find out what they have to offer players like yourself.

Live Casinos

Casino Classic - One of the very first live casinos to appear online and still going strong, come and say hi to their dealers and have fun.

Golden Tiger Casino - Broadcast live to the UK each and every evening, you can watch the show live on your televisions or from your computer, non stop gaming action is guaranteed.

Zodiac Casino - This live casino really live up to its name and with some of the smartest dealers on the net your are guaranteed hours of fun and games.

Luxury Casino - An Irish themed live casino which could help your get, as the saying goes, all the look of the Irish! Log on and let the battle commence.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino - One of the largest online gaming companies have a full compliment of live and standard online casino games plus plenty of player bonuses are up for grabs.