Casino Slots

As you may or may not know if you are playing at a live casino then it is not just live card and table games that are available to play, you will also find a wealth of other games such as slot machines, and although these cannot be played in a live play format you can play them on masse!

The number of live casino slot machines keeps on growing each month and this is where you get to benefit from always being able to have full access to the very latest models to hit the web, all of our live casinos have a plethora of slot machines so not matter what your prefer slot game type is you are guaranteed to find plenty of them available online.

The beauty of choosing to play slot machines at a live casino as opposed to a land based one is that you can play anywhere you choose as long as you have your lap top computer and an internet connection then you are good to go and you can be online and playing in just a few clicks of your mouse.

If you have never played slot machines before online then below you will find our quick glance guide to the different varieties that are available at all of our featured live casinos, take a long hard look through the listing and find one or more of them that appeal to you, whether it is simple to play slots or action packed ones there are plenty of them to choose from online.

Casino slot games

The most basic of all slot games are what are termed as the classic slots, as the name suggests they hark back to the days of when slot machines had just one pay line and a no frills game play style, these type of live casino slots are oh so simple to play you just press or click on the start button and you are away.

For a slightly more advanced slot machine to play than the classic slots are the other 3 reel slot gams, now these come with the same three reel format as the classic slot machines however you can opt to play a few more pay lines on each spin of the reels and the stake levels are usually fully adjustable.

Fruit machines can also be played online and if you are from the UK then these types of slot games need no introduction, they too have one pay line, occasionally up to five, but what they do offer is a more complicated game play by virtue of the bonus feature rounds and the such like.

Video slot machines have a set of video reels on a video screen where the reels are on the classic slots, this simple change in designed allows for a more graphically enhanced game play and the ability to play more than one pay line per game, so of them have many thousands of pay lines on offer!

Bonus video slot machines let you also play multiple pay lines but they also come with a huge and every growing number of bonus feature rounds that can be triggered as you play the live casino slots base game.

Progressive slot machines appeal to a lot of players as they can be played either as 3 reel slots or you will find them on video and bonus video slots, these type of live casino slots come with progressive jackpots attached to them and many players can be playing all at the same time with a percentage of each players stakes going into the jackpot pool, until such a time as one of the players hits the jackpot.

Best Online Slots Casinos

Casino Classic - If you are seeking an established live casino at which to play and one that pays all winners in the fasts possible time frame then look no further than this highly respect live casino site.

Golden Tiger Casino - Nearly everyone in the UK will have heard of this huge live casino, if you have ever been channel hopping on your television then you will have come across late at night on one or more of the channels.

Zodiac Casino - The fun and games never stop at this live casino, where the player is always King (or Queen!) checkout our review for more information.

Luxury Casino - They say the Irish always have the best luck, well at this Irish themed live casino maybe some of that luck may rub off on you, but you will not know unless you give it a go!

Blackjack Ballroom Casino - Here is a house hold name gambling company known and trusted the world over and their live casino is always open and is a sight to behold!