Live Blackjack

Playing Live Blackjack is proving popular, due to the simple fact that the games are played in real land based casinos, players can interact with the dealers and fellow players and they are playing casino games they can trust and see working before their eyes instead of playing with software which usually makes them feel like they are not getting a fair game when they lose!

If you have ever played at a software driven online casino and sat down to play any of their Blackjack games and seen the dealer pulling out card after card that miraculously helps them complete a hand that beats yours then you will know the feeling very well.

The reason why live blackjack is taking of, as mentioned above, is that the casinos where these live games are broadcast from are not only respected and very well known gambling companies but they are also fully licensed and regulated so you know there will be no shannegins when you play there!

Being able to watch in minute detail as the cards are shuffled and dealt out to you will soon install a very high level of trust between you and the live blackjack site at which you are playing, you cannot beat live blackjack for that simple fact and it is one no software driven online casino can match.

How To Play Live Blackjack ?

OK then, so playing live blackjack online sounds like something you wish to try out, so what, you may be asking yourself do you have to do to get playing online. Well there are quite a few live blackjack and live casino sites available and we have the most popular ones listed and dotted around our site.

You will of course have to register to play live blackjack online either for free as a guest player or for real money, this is a harmless procedure that will take a minute or two and is required to ensure you are over the age of 18 and not a school child wishing to play live blackjack with your parents credit card!

When you have signed up as a new real money or guest player then simply log into the casino and you can then decide, if you are playing for real money how much you wish to deposit. Do not forget that first time depositors at all of our live blackjack sites will qualify for a welcome bonus which is a good way to get you off to a flying start!

If you are a guest player then obviously no deposit is required and you can immediately set sail and start playing the game of live blackjack by selecting it from the games menu, the game will instantly load and then you will begin to draw the live video feed onto your computer monitor or screen.

Once the current game in play has ended then you are free to place your wagers on to the live blackjack table, simply give your chips a value by selecting the chip value setting and then point and click to place your wagers on to the live blackjack table.

One both your fellow players and yourself have all placed your wagers the dealer will start to deal out the cards, you will then be alerted via on screen buttons when it is your turn to make a betting move, once you are happy with your hand and once all other players have made their betting moves the dealers hand will be shown and winning wagers are paid out and losing wager are removed from the blackjack table layout.

Best Blackjack Casinos

Casino Classic - Would like to help you get to rips with live casino play, and their easy to follow guides and frequently asked questions will soon have you playing their fun to play at live casino like and old pro!

Golden Tiger Casino - Tune in any night of the week and you will see them broadcasting live on UK terrestrial channels or via the web, they have a plethora of gambling action always available.

Zodiac Casino - This is another very well established online casino that specializes in live casino play, so if you fancy playing non stop roulette for free or for real money then this is the site for you.

Luxury Casino - The warm welcome that only the Irish can supply is waiting for you if you venture over to this state of the art live casino, they have plenty of games, very friendly live dealers and of course it goes without saying they pay quickly when you win.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino - This online live casino is owned and operated by one of the worlds largest gambling companies this live casino compliments all their other online and offline operations, you won't find a better run organization that this one!